“Learn The SECRET To Healing Mind, Spirit, And Body With The Singing Bowl Shaman Training. Use Sound, Energy, Vibration, Reiki, Spirit (And Much More) To Heal Yourself, Others, And The World ... While Prospering Personally & Professionally.”
No matter what profession you are in or life journey you are on, you can bring this healing energy to your day to day life, to make it even better. You could also develop your own healing practice or career with the knowledge provided within the Singing Bowl Shaman Training – Quick Start To Healing.


Now for the first time ever … everything you need to know about how to do Healing and improve your Life is available to You, right now, without ever leaving your home. You can become a powerful, effective Healer or Singing Bowl Shaman … and this training is NOW Online!



I can imagine that you, like most of us, want to live the best life possible. You want to have more than enough … time, freedom and money. You want to provide for your family, enjoy your work and feel fulfilled, making the world a better place!


The path to finding your "True Calling" can be extremely difficult .. and it can be even harder to support your life with your passions!

Doesn't it seem natural that your True Calling should bring you joy, fulfillment, the sense of timelessness, excitement and abundant prosperity. Oh … you should also be very good at it too!


Why is it so hard to put all of the pieces together? Perhaps it is because the information you seek is spread all over the place and remains hidden behind veils of illusion and glamour. Many things in this world are not what they seem … making your personal truth very hard to discover.


I would like to share a bit of my own story with you.

My whole life has been about healing energy and the unseen world all around us. I have always known that your God given talents are the most important thing. Knowing yourself and healing yourself is the key to everything!

I see clearly now that the clues to your life mission are always there if you know how to read the signs …

Once I realized there were certain truths that would always be a part of me, it all became clear.





Kathleen G., St. Cherry Valley, MA


Carol T., Hesperus, CO


Gael H., Littleton, CO


Linda M., Monterey, CA


Sarah W., Sedona, AZ





I feel that this path of exploration has been a part of my mission … a puzzle piece I was to put into place. Maybe so you would not have to take all of your precious life uncovering the same truths.

I have certainly discovered that the important thing it is not the method or the technique … it is not the philosophy or the study that gets you the results you want! While each of these healing styles has incredible value, and you can resonate more strongly with one than another … the answer is not what we think!

I Want to Share the Secret with You!


I want you to benefit from my life long journey of seeking what we could call the *truth*… My whole life I have been a student of energy, healing, manifestation … asking questions like …

• Why are we here and do we each have a mission or a purpose?

• How do we know we are on the right path?

• How do we reach our full potential living a life of joy and fulfillment?

• Why is there pain and suffering?


Truthfully, the road to reaching your full potential, developing your skills & knowledge can often be confusing and very, very costly. There are so many techniques, philosophies, methodologies and practices out there. Each claims to make your life better and I believe they do … besides how will you know if something truly resonates with you unless you try it.

However … Really … who has time for all of that and It is hard to know what works. You could spend years of your precious time and lot's of your money only have nothing to show for it.



I wanted to spare you the agony and trouble of going through all of that. I have put together all of the best knowledge and healing advances available. I have developed and tested this energy throughout the course of my life.

I know that what you are learning in the Singing Bowl Shaman Training gives you a well rounded foundation and a major leap into reaching your full potential … whether you use this knowledge only for yourself, your family or to help others. You can start a healing career or bring tremendous prosperity and advancement to your current work … right away!



After over 25 years of working successfully in my own healing arts practice, creating my career from basically scratch, providing for my family, healing myself and others, helping people reach their full potential and turn their challenges into opportunitiesI feel like I must share my secrets with you.

I don't want you to spend your whole life seeking … I would like you to get all of the necessary information as quickly as possible and spend your life *living your dream* rather than trying to find the path!



“Full Comprehensive Training Course That Covers Many Traditions, Modalities and Techniques. Delivered To You Over A Span Of 5 Weeks, With Certification Upon Completion.”
You will gain all of the skills to access and increase your unique inner healing powers ... for personal use, to help others and build your current abilities or healing practice.

The Singing Bowl Shaman Training Series is designed to give you experience and knowledge in the many facets of Healing Energy. You will learn about ... Source Healing, Shaman Healing, Energetic Healing, Sound Healing, Singing Bowl Healing, Kabalistic Healing, Body Work Healing, Reiki Healing, Chakra Healing, Frequency Healing, DNA Activation, Past Life Therapy, Distance Healing ... to name just a few.

You can learn to utilize the many forms of Energy used by Healers of all kinds ... and put it to use right away. You will also develop your own unique style and gifts.









Micheal H., Milwaukee, WI



I intend to offer you knowledge, initiation, activation, a fresh perspective and inspiration to boldly walk your unique path of mastery. The world needs the special skills that you were born to bring it! Only you can deliver that … no one else can!



I have finally put all of the pieces for healing success into one easy to follow training series. This has been a monumental task.

For the first time all of this wisdom can be found in one place!

You can benefit from my many years of trial and error, by having all of the healing secrets in one place. I have made the mistakes for you and taken the guess work out of it.

I have searched high and low for the vast information that I am now offering you. I have seen almost everything on my journey … including the use of healing energy that you will want to completely avoid!

The SINGING BOWL SHAMAN TRAINING – Quick Start To Healing will steer you clear of false promises and dangerous use of energy.

You will lead yourself into rich opportunity and miraculous fulfillment.


This training will assist you in finding your personal strengths and natural abilities. You will discover how to bring your skills to the changing world we live in. You will learn to use your power wisely, without harming yourself or anyone else .. bringing only your Gifts to the world.


This is your Golden opportunity to be one of the first to utilize the the ancient wisdom and the most cutting edge technologies in healing today. Discover your gifts and bring them to the world … be your own shaman, healer and master of your destiny.